Johnny Paste is a large muscular humanoid tube of toothpaste with some toothpaste for a head who is one of Timmy's friends in The Adventures of Timmy the Tooth.

As a former Mr. Fluoride's Body Builder, he is known for his super strength and ability to motivate others. Even though he is big and strong, he cares for Timmy and his friends. He is very well-meaning but not all that bright.

He first appeared cheering for Timmy the Tooth and Brushbrush during the song "Here They Come" in the episode Timmy in Space.

In Molar Island, he is one of the Molar Island exotic hosts. He was the one who did most of the talking. He also mistakes on what Chief Bubbles was saying until Bubbles corrects him. He is also seen worshipping their chief Bubbles when she's over yonder in a deep meditative space in which he responds is also the shadiest spot on the island in which Sidney Cyclops mentions that its very sensitive to the sun. He translates what Chief Bubbles says. He along with the other exotic Molar Island hosts were joined by Timmy and Brushbrush to the volcano to discover that the Ancient Crown of King Cuspid is gone as the volcano starts exploding and speaks gurgly words that he and the other hosts don't understand, but Brushbrush does. Timmy tells them that the Ancient Crown of King Cuspid is stolen and that they don't have a whole lot of time before the whole island sinks. Paste and the other hosts started to panic that they're doomed. Timmy wants them to come back to put something in the hole. Paste tries a big heavy boulder to put inside the hole in which it was working and Timmy and the hosts begin to celebrate until the volcano blasted the rock out. Timmy tells them that the volcano doesn't want a rock it only wants the Ancient Crown of King Cuspid which Paste responds that it must be on the other side of the island. He and the other hosts want Timmy to make the journey to get the crown back into the hole or the whole island will sink into the ocean. When Timmy, Brushbrush and the Gingivitis Gang in this episode they're called the Gingivitis Tribe come back with the crown, he found the Ancient Crown of King Cuspid coming with the Gingivitis Tribe, so they started to run for their lives again, but Timmy tells the others that they've come to help them. Soon, the good tribe and the Gingivitis tribe became friends and helped each other out by getting the Ancient Crown of King Cuspid back into the volcano hole. He, Chief Bubbles, the Gingivitis Tribe, and the others thank Timmy for helping them save Molar Island. He later appears in reality with Timmy's other friends  to wake up Timmy from his dream vacation by telling him that he needs to go to the park and find the ancient Flavin of Flossmore Valley.

In Malibu Timmy, he is seen wearing sunglasses and a towel ready for the beach with Timmy's other friends as they prompt him to get ready for the beach. When they were driving to the beach, they sing about how excited they are for the beach. When they get there when it is time to hit the water, when Timmy decides to make sand castles, Paste decides to try out his new surf board in the water. He is also one of the noticers when the Lifeguard tells Timmy that helping people who don't know how to swim is also one of a lifeguard's job. By listening to what the lifeguard was yelling about, he was playing with a beach ball but notices a lifeguard yelling when Paste got hit by the beach ball. Later in the dream sequence, he is seen laying on his belly while surfing when Timmy sees whats going on around the beach to make sure everybody's okay. Later, in the Flossmore Valley's First Annual Invitiational Guys and Girls Who Can Swim Surfing Contest, he is one of the contestants for the second heat. He is revealed to be last year's winner and this year's overall favorite. He tells Bob and Big Dan the Surfing Man that his approach to winning the heat is that he plans to try hard, play fair, and uses everything he learned while training for this really big event. During the surfing, he is surfing without being wiped out in a totally tubular fashion. What he doesn't notice is his apponent the Cavity Goon as he has an anchor as a little present for him. So the Goon tossed the anchor to Paste but he declines it causing the Goon to be pulled back by the anchor as his plan backfired which makes Paste still okay. Paste is later seen with Timmy's other friends to wake Timmy up from his dream. They show him a swimming pool for swimming lessons instructed by Gil the Grouper wanting the swimmers to have fun.

In Lost My Brush, he is one of the many phone callers from Bubbles as she calls all of Timmy's friends to put together a search party to cover the whole Flossmore Valley Area. He later appears at downtown Flossmore Valley where he meets the Beatniks as he tells them that their rendition of "You Are My Friend" is very nice. He also asks them if they have seen a brush running around. The Beatniks haven't seen Brushbrush because they don't know what he is or what he looks like. He then tells them that if they do, they should just sing out in which they will and if they see him they'll hit a special note. Later, he is seen meeting up with Timmy and Bubbles as he tells him that he searched everywhere through town like Timmy suggested but he can't find Brushbrush in the alleys, the schoolyard, the playground, or even the bowling alley. He is later seen celebrating with all of Timmy's other friends as Timmy found his best friend Brushbrush again.

In Spooky Tooth, he is seen wearing a chef's hat at the flossmore valley dress-up party.

In The Brush in the Stone, he plays a character other than himself. He plays as Sir Lankersham. He first appears in the story where he told Timmy that he'll never amount to anything with his puppets, so he tells him to put them down and polish his armor. He is later seen as Gil and the others need to find a volunteer to go to the Not-So-Sure-It's-A-Forest to get some polka berries. Sir Lankersham tells them that he bravely and selflessly volunteer for this really big job. The others give Sir Lankersham three cheers until he accidentally tripped on something. He is seen again celebrating King Louie's revival from the Itchy Polka Dots with the others.

In An Eye for a Tooth, he is seen as he sees that his friends try to pull Sidney out of a tree by his legs in which Paste responds it looks like a fun game until he notices that Sidney is stuck in a tree in which he sees it as no game. Annette Bruner Prower tells him that she and her friends need him because he's so big and strong in which Paste responds that he did got back from the gym. He decides that everyone here should be in a line in great orderly fashion and yank him right out. He grabs Sidney by the feet and they all start pulling him right out until he notices that his legs were let go. When Timmy, Brushbrush, Bubbles, and Annette go to the workshop, they put Paste in charge of cheering Sidney up. Sidney confesses to Paste about losing his job and getting another job. When celebrating Sidney seeing through the vision-nator being a success, they decide to have a picnic but one thing is missing: Timmy's very special picnic bowtie. They go inside Timmy's house to find it but all Paste found was a stalk of celery. They still can't find Timmy's bowtie until Sidney shows up seeing Timmy's lost bowtie right where Timmy left it. Their picnic is just about to begin.

In Rainy Day Adventure, he is seen as a bartender at Dry Mouth Saloon. He informs the Cavity Goon and Miss Sweety that everthing is all dried up and proceeds to shoo them a pitcher full of sand to prove his point. Later at the end of the episode, he was seen again with Timmy's other friends playing with Timmy's frisbee.

In Big Mouth Gulch, he brought some vegetables for the story. He asks Timmy if the people of Big Mouth Gulch believe in Goonius Nemisis the Third. In the story, he plays as the mayor of Big Mouth Gulch as he tells Miss Flossie that the winner of the Spelling Bee contest would be sheriff when it was not meant to be told in front of the audiences as they are supposed to find out who wins. Back in reality, he compliments that the story was great. Timmy also thank him for bringing in the vegetables in which Paste responds that it was his pleasure.

Fun FactsEdit

  • He cares about the environment and keeps Flossmore Valley tidy.
  • He likes sports such as surfing, bowling, and jogging throughout Flossmore Valley.