Operation: Secret Birthday Surprise is the second episode of The Adventures of Timmy the Tooth.


Timmy prepares for his birthday party as his friends prepare a surprise for him in secret. Upon visiting Mr. Wisdom, Timmy is shown what Flossmore Valley would be like if he wasn't around.


The day begins as the sun shines, the birds sing and everything's great. Timmy begins to wake up as he's not supposed to look at what today it is, but he has to. It's his birthday according to his calendar. He begins to sing about how today is going to be very special. That is until Brushbrush tells Timmy that he's going to the park with Johnny Paste, but Timmy's birthday won't be the same without his best friend, but he'll be lucky Brushbrush remembers he forgot. Timmy goes outside to ask some of his friends to play with him. Meanwhile, Miss Sweety wakes up the Cavity Goon, as he wakes up as he notices that today is not icky at all. Instead it's a shining sun, singing birds and butterflies floating around them. He cries about it until Sweety tells him that it's a beautiful terrible one to stick some chewed up gum under the swing set in the park. Meanwhile, back at Timmy's house, Timmy calls Bubbles Gum that today's a special day. Bubbles tells him that it's also a special day for her too, because she got a new book from the book club and she'll spend the rest of the day reading. She hangs up and calls Paste that Operation: Secret Birthday Surprise is working and tells him to commence Phase 2 for Brushbrush on his way to the park. Paste says Roger to Bubbles, but she tells him not to call her Roger, so instead Paste says "Gotcha." Meanwhile, Timmy's planting his flowers Nicki and Irene singing to him by making him feel better and by him making the flowers feel wetter. Meanwhile, Miss Flossie and Waxie come in and tell him that they can't celebrate today but it's still a special day for two dollars of Wax 'n Wash, because Waxie's giving herself a bath. Later, Sidney Cyclops rides his bike past Timmy and tossing a newspaper at the Gingivitis Gang leader Leo. The gang watches the day to day operations going on around them, until Timmy tells the gang to stop picking on him. Dee replys they weren't picking on him. Timmy tells the gang to pick on him for a while because he's not doing anything. Darol accepts the idea, but Leo declines, because they have more important things to do like they have to go watch the garbage man pick up the trash, so they leave to do so. Timmy is left alone until Emmett reminds him that he forgot to check the mail, so Timmy checked the mail and reads a letter from Mr. Wisdom that he needs to go to Wisdom Mountain right away, and he did.

Timmy made it to Wisdom Mountain, and found no one being home, so he decides to fall asleep in Mr. Wisdom's favorite dream chair. He starts dreaming that he's still in the dream chair sleeping until Mr. Wisdom wakes Timmy up from the TV to tell him that he's doing some last minute shopping on the Shop at Home channel and reminds him that he's dreaming the whole thing. Timmy tries a few buttons to get Mr. Wisdom out of the TV, by messing the screen up twice, until he pressed a button to get Mr. Wisdom out of the TV and into real life. Mr. Wisdom tells Timmy that it's a dream and since it's a dream, anything can happen, for instance, he knows that Timmy's friends don't need him but they do need him. Mr. Wisdom tells Timmy that Flossmore Valley sure would be a topsy turvy upside down cuckoo wacky kind of place without Timmy the Tooth around. Mr. Wisdom shows Timmy what it's like without Timmy the Tooth around, Mr. Wisdom handles the remote control this time. First he shows Miss Flossie and Waxie not being together and not even knowing each other, and then showing Sidney being the new member of the Gingivitis Gang, and then Bubbles and Paste moving to another town to look for friends. Without Timmy around, things would be different for everyone. Timmy and Mr. Wisdom then see Timmy's house to see how it's doing. There's trash all over Nicki and Irene, and Emmett not feeling well. He sees Brushbrush still doing okay until the brush sees the Cavity Goon in Timmy's bed, which could mean only one thing: he and Sweety took over Timmy's house. The Goon commands Brushbrush as his new slave to make him his morning candy and make it sweet. While that happens, the Goon and Sweety sing about how yucky and icky the Goon is. Afterwards, Brushbrush brings in the morning candy the Goon wanted which is revealed to be one of his favorites, then the Goon tells Brushbrush to mess up the kitchen, the living room and the basement, and tells him not to do the laundry and when he's finished with that, the Goon wants Brushbrush to take out the trash and dump it in the driveway. Sweety tells Brushbrush that they need more sugary treats: two pounds of buttered chum chums, two choculicious milky bars, two dingbat taffy pops, and one of those big juicy drippy drooly slimy sloppy dinosaur dipsticks. When Timmy finds out he doesn't want to see anymore as his dream turns into a nightmare.

Meanwhile, back at Timmy's house, all of Timmy's friends are coming over to celebrate Timmy's birthday. Back at Wisdom Mountain, Timmy wakes up from his dream and tells Mr. Wisdom that everything's different and the Goon was living in his house. Timmy also mentions about his friends not needing me, but Mr. Wisdom tells him that they sure do, so he starts singing him a song about how much his friends really need him. Timmy and Mr. Wisdom drive a motorcycle down back to Timmy's house, and when they stop, Mr. Wisdom needs to use the little tooth's room and Timmy tells him its the second door on the left. When Timmy enters the door, the lights turn on and all of Timmy's friends pop up to surprise him. Timmy tells his friends that when they didn't want to play with him this morning they're getting ready for Operation Secret Birthday Surprise and the trip to Wisdom Mountain was also part of the mission, and Timmy also wonders about the strange dream that would've been planned, so he checks Mr. Wisdom. Mr. Wisdom appears on the TV to tell Timmy that his friends do need him and also wishes him a happy birthday. Timmy and his friends have the best birthday ever.




  • Unseen Characters
    • Mr. Squirrel


  • Bowties Timmy Wears: His Pajama Bowtie, His Favorite Red Bowtie
  • Cavity Goon Plots: Sticking Some Chewed Up Gum Under the Swingset in the Park, Taking Over Timmy's House
  • Dream Sequence: Timmy dreams of not being in Flossmore Valley and everything being different for him and his friends.
  • Letters inside Emmett: A letter from Mr. Wisdom for Timmy to go to Wisdom Mountain.
  • Alternate Character Identities: Sidney Cyclops as a member of the Gingivitis Gang.
  • Phone Calls: Timmy talks to Bubbles, then Bubbles talks to Paste